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LCV and Conservation CO Urge CNBC Debate Moderators to Press GOP Candidates on Climate Change

Oct 27, 2015

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Tomorrow, the GOP candidates for president will meet for their third televised debate, hosted by CNBC in Colorado. LCV and Conservation Colorado issued the following statements, urging the moderators to press the candidates on the economic implications of climate change.

League of Conservation Voters Senior Vice President of Campaigns Daniel J. Weiss issued the following statement:

“Every candidate for president should understand what the majority of Republicans and other voters already get: the economic opportunity of clean energy investments and environmental protection go hand-in-hand. Four Republican candidates have issued their energy proposals so far, and all of them ignore the expensive threat posed by climate change. Instead, their big polluting funders would receive a free pass to emit limitless amounts of carbon pollution and accelerate climate change. These plans would double-down on our reliance on outdated, dirty fossil fuels, which would hurt Americans’ pocketbooks. The many costs from unchecked carbon pollution – including higher health expenditures and more extreme weather – would be borne by the taxpayers.   We urge the debate moderators to question the candidates about the economic implications of our worsening climate to be paid for by future generations.”

Conservation Colorado Executive Director Pete Maysmith issued the following statement:

“There is no better place then Boulder, Colorado to highlight the economic impacts of climate change and the benefits of environmental protection. Over the last decade, this community has suffered from climate fueled fire, drought, and devastating floods which cost residents and local governments millions.  But undaunted, the Boulder region has bounced back – creating new jobs and a healthy economy while valuing strong environmental protections like open space acquisition, a carbon tax, and net-zero energy efficiency measures. Coloradans and all Americans need to hear the debate moderators ask how these candidates plan to address climate change and protect our economy and our environment for future generations.”

Pete Maysmith, Executive Director of Conservation Colorado, will be available for comment for the University of Colorado Boulder debate. Please contact Chris Arend at 303-908-7910 or