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LCV announces $2.6 Million Campaign Highlighting Biden’s Arctic Protections

Jun 7, 2024

Washington, DC: In response to the Biden-Harris administration’s historic action to protect 13 million acres of the Western Arctic, the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) today announced a $2.6 million digital ad campaign to educate young people about this monumental action.

“People across the country value conserving special places like America’s Arctic and protecting the wildlife and land that have sustained Alaska Native communities for thousands of years.” said Pete Maysmith, SVP of Campaigns at League of Conservation Voters. “Not enough people know just how much President Biden has already done to stand up to Big Oil by taking action to lower costs and protect these special areas in the Arctic from oil and gas drilling. This campaign will help to spread the word.”

The $2.6 million campaign launches with digital ads (scripts below) in Arizona, Delaware, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Washington, D.C. thanking President Biden for the latest in a long string of actions to tackle the climate crisis and protect the country’s lands and waters. The campaign will also enlist digital content creators to spread the word about this historic move. Polls have shown that most young people have not yet heard a lot about the Biden’s administration’s action. 

In April, the Biden administration instituted historic new protections for more than 13 million acres in America’s Western Arctic, one of our country’s last and most expansive and thriving, biologically diverse landscapes. This action will help protect sacred lands and wildlife that are critical to the subsistence lifestyle for 40 Indigenous communities. With these protections, combined with other announcements made at the time, President Biden has now protected more lands and waters than any other president in their first term.

Watch: Right Path
We can all agree, we want to pay less at the pump.
But how do we get there?
Big oil CEOs say, “more drilling.”
But that hasn’t led to lower prices for us, just higher profits for them.
President Biden would protect America’s Arctic, its wildlife, and its people..
And invest in affordable clean energy.
That’ll lower our energy costs and protect our future.
President Biden is on the right path.

Watch: Natural Wonders
The Alaskan Arctic, one of America’s great natural wonders.
A wildland, spectacular in its diversity:
home to polar bears and the largest caribou herds on Earth;
where birds from all seven continents nest.
But oil and gas drilling would devastate this fragile habitat and its wildlife.
That’s why President Biden’s historic protections for the Arctic will safeguard a future for its wildlife.
Thank you, President Biden, for protecting the wildlife of the Western Arctic.

The ads build on LCV’s $2 million ad and creator campaign launched earlier this year to educate young people about the Biden-Harris administration’s decision to pause pending LNG export projects in order to review their climate and community impacts.

Ads direct viewers to take action by in thanking the Biden-Harris Administration for protecting America’s Arctic and to call for more Arctic protections. Ad backup can be found here and here.