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LCV & EDF Action Release New TV Ad in the PA Senate Race

Jul 20, 2016

This new ad is part of a $1.5 million TV campaign holding Toomey accountable for his ties to Big Oil

Pittsburgh, PA – Today, LCV and EDF Action released the second ad in their joint $1.5 million TV ad campaign in the Pennsylvania Senate race, focusing on how Sen. Pat Toomey has fought for wealthy Big Oil polluters over the needs of struggling Pennsylvania communities. The ad, “Across,” details Toomey’s advocacy for the rich and powerful through his defense of billions in tax breaks for Big Oil polluters, all while they have supported him with over $700,000 in campaign contributions.

“Across Pennsylvania, far too many communities are hurting,” states the ads voiceover. “But Pat Toomey’s agenda puts the rich and powerful ahead of the rest of us. That’s why Toomey voted to give Big Oil polluters 24 billion dollars in tax breaks. No wonder Big Oil polluters have given Toomey $700,000 in contributions. Pat Toomey’s agenda – helping Big Oil polluters and millionaires like himself – not us.”

You can view the ad’s script and backup here.

The release of this second ad follows the announcement of the joint LCV and EDF Action $1.5 million TV campaign and a separate $300,000 persuasion field effort by LCV on its own. LCV named Toomey to its signature Dirty Dozen list in June.

EDF Action supported McGinty in the Pennsylvania Senate Democratic primary with a $400,000 targeted mail program.

In the last month, LCV announced a significant expansion of its persuasion field effort in Nevada, as well as a TV ad campaign from LCV Victory Fund. In the presidential race, LCV and LCV Victory Fund have engaged in digital advertising and a direct mail campaign supporting Hillary Clinton in early primary states.

In 2014, LCV, LCV Victory Fund, and state LCVs invested a record total of over $30 million in elections — by far the most that LCV has ever spent. Federal races accounted for over $19 million of total spending, while LCV and state LCVs combined to spend over $10 million on state elections.

Paid for by the League of Conservation Voters,, and EDF Action,, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.