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LCV Launches $170K Pre-SOTU Campaign to Call Out Trump’s Relentless Environmental Attacks

Jan 23, 2018

Alyssa Roberts, 202-454-4573,

Washington, D.C. – The League of Conservation Voters today announced a $170,000 digital campaign demonstrating the devastating effects that the Trump administration has had on our environment, health and communities during his first year in office. The campaign, which will run online in both English and Spanish through Trump’s first State of the Union address on January 30, promotes a new, interactive quiz and comprehensive timeline to engage people across the country and encourage them to provide their own grade for Trump. LCV gave him a resounding “F”.

Try the quiz HERE.  

“It’s without question that Trump is the most anti-environmental president we’ve ever had – if there were anything worse than an ‘F,’ he’d get it,” said League of Conservation Voters President Gene Karpinski. “Not even a day passed following his swearing-in before Trump began to eliminate critical protections like the Clean Water Rule and Clean Power Plan, and his destructive actions haven’t slowed down since. The totality of anti-environmental actions done to benefit special interest polluters in just one year is absolutely staggering.”

To document his atrocious first year in office, LCV produced a timeline of key rollbacks, polluter giveaways, efforts to silence scientists and other abuses of power that highlights Trump’s continual decimation of our environmental and public health safeguards in favor of his corporate polluter friends.

Find a full timeline of Trump’s environmental attacks HERE.

Since taking office last January, Trump and his administration have fiercely gone after even the most basic standards of environmental protection, such as removing all mentions of climate change from the White House website and withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement. In addition to attacking protections for our land, air, and water, Trump’s racism, sexism, homophobia and other forms of discrimination have left people throughout our country feeling threatened and unable to contribute to their communities.

LCV will continue engaging our 2 million members throughout 2018 to fight Trump’s policies and hold members of Congress accountable for siding with polluters over providing a safe and healthy planet for future generations.