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LCV, NLCV Response to Keystone Pipeline Spill

Nov 16, 2017

Alyssa Roberts, 202-454-4573,

Lincoln, Nebraska – Please see the following statements in response to today’s Keystone pipeline spill in South Dakota. The Nebraska Public Service Commission is expected to decide next week whether to approve the Keystone XL pipeline expansion.

Eliot Bostar, Nebraska League of Conservation Voters Executive Director:

“With an approval decision still to be made, hopefully the Nebraska Public Service Commission is paying close attention to this spill and what it means for the future. While unfortunately it’s too late to prevent this terrible spill in South Dakota, it’s not too late to protect Nebraska’s families, farms, and communities from paying the same price.”

Gene Karpinski, League of Conservation Voters President:

“Another catastrophic oil spill is an all-too-real reminder of why the Keystone XL pipeline has been all risk and no reward from the start. This dirty and dangerous export pipeline would run right through America’s heartland, threatening our water, our land, and our climate – all to pad the profits of a foreign oil company.”