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LCV Releases TV Ad Highlighting Joni Ernst’s Comments on Shutting Down EPA & Privatizing Social Security

Sep 18, 2014

Names Ernst to trademark Dirty Dozen program

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WASHINGTON – The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) today released a television ad highlighting Joni Ernst’s comments pledging to shut down the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and consider privatizing Social Security, which would risk the health and future of Iowa families. The ad, “Enough,” starts running next week in the Cedar Rapids, Davenport and Des Moines media markets.

“Joni Ernst’s own words are clear. Ernst discussed ‘privatizing Social Security as an option’ and said ‘let’s shut down the federal EPA,’ proposals that would put many Iowans’ retirement and health at risk,” said Daniel J. Weiss, LCV Senior Vice President for Campaigns. “Joni Ernst’s ideas are great for Wall Street millionaires and big polluters, but they threaten the rest of us.”

The ad highlights Ernst’s pledge to give polluters a pass by shutting down the Environmental Protection Agency, which is responsible for protecting public health by enforcing the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act. She’s also talked about potentially privatizing Social Security, which would cause many Iowa workers to risk their retirement benefits on Wall Street. Documentation for the ad is available here

Additionally, Ernst was just added to LCV’s trademark Dirty Dozen program this cycle. The Dirty Dozen targets candidates— regardless of party affiliation — who consistently side against the environment and are running in races in which LCV has a serious chance to affect the outcome. Last cycle, LCV defeated 11 of the 12 Dirty Dozen candidates.

Ernst is a climate science denier who claims that “global temperature shifts are a result of long-term cyclical patterns rather than the result of man-made activities.” She proposed shutting down the Environmental Protection Agency, which would threaten enforcement of the Clean Water, Safe Drinking Water, and Clean Air Acts. In fact, when asked to name “business-damaging laws, regulations, or policies,” Ernst identified the Clean Water Act, even though it’s essential to protect rivers and lakes from water pollution. 

In June, LCV kicked off a nearly $1 million coalition effort to defeat Ernst by launching a television ad highlighting that Sarah Palin and the Koch Brothers are supporting her so she can enact their agenda. The ad, “Promises,” ran in the Cedar Rapids and Des Moines media markets. 

LCV also launched a second television ad, “Wrong Priorities,” depicting Ernst’s agenda of shutting down the EPA and Department of Education as far outside the mainstream and out-of-step with Iowans’ priorities. 


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