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LCV Statement on Donald Trump’s Energy Speech

May 26, 2016

Washington, D.C. – In response to Donald Trump’s speech today, LCV Senior Vice President of Communications David Willett issued the following statement:

“We’ve heard enough. Trump’s divisive language has made him a shocking candidate, but today he just pandered to the fossil fuel industry with a carbon-copy energy plan that could have been lifted directly from Mitch McConnell.  As Big Polluters’ new best friend, Trump’s ‘plan’ is pro-drilling, anti-EPA and is dangerous to our clean air and water.  It does nothing to arrest our rapidly changing climate and the extreme weather already impacting Americans. Trump sure did cut a deal today, a bad one for American families, offering to trade away protections for the health of our families and a clean energy future just so he could give big oil exactly what they wanted to hear.”


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