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LCV Statement on Hillary Clinton Running for President

Apr 12, 2015

Washington, DC: On the announcement of Secretary Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for President of the United State, League of Conservation Voters President, Gene Karpinski issued the following statement:

“We welcome Secretary Clinton to the Presidential race, and encourage her to build on her long record of environmental leadership by making climate change a top priority of her campaign. As a senator, Clinton supported comprehensive climate change legislation and efforts to promote clean energy and energy efficiency.  As Secretary of State, she was very active in international climate negotiations, and she created the Climate and Clean Air Coalition with many other countries to reduce climate super pollutants like soot and methane. 

“Because the next President will determine whether we continue to make progress or slide backward in the fight against the climate crisis, we will be urging every presidential candidate to be explicit about their plans to combat the greatest challenge of our time.  The next President must create real and lasting solutions that cut carbon pollution while creating a clean energy future that continues to improve the economy and creates jobs. The next 19 months offer all presidential candidates an opportunity to demonstrate exactly how they would do that.”