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LCV Statement On Trump Announcing Mike Pence as His Running Mate

Jul 15, 2016

Washington, DC – In response to GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s announcement of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate, LCV National Campaigns Director Clay Schroers issued the following statement:

“This is further evidence of Trump’s incredibly poor judgement on both politics and policy, and how he is out of step with the majority of voters on the need to take action on climate and protect public health. We already know Trump considers himself his own best advisor, so he chose someone who mirrors his ignorant climate denialism and blatant disregard for basic science. With a record of fighting clean air protections as governor, and a lifetime LCV score of 4% in the House, the choice of Pence shows Trump has little interest in appealing to anyone outside of his extremist base and Big Polluters. By picking Pence as his running mate, Trump is going out of his way to prove to the American people that he is totally unfit for the presidency.”


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