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LCV Statement on Trump’s Comments About Energy Industry Regulations

Aug 12, 2016

Washington, DC – Today, in response to Donald Trump’s comments that the energy industry “has so many regulations they can’t breathe,” LCV National Campaigns Director Clay Schroers issued the following statement: 

“This is yet another shockingly poor choice of words for Donald Trump. He cares more about letting Big Polluters “breathe” by giving them a blank check to write their own regulations when it’s those safeguards that allow millions of people to breathe cleaner air. Our clean air protections lower asthma rates for our kids, prevent heart attacks and generally bring down the mortality rate. Yet again, Trump has shown he lacks the character, temperament and judgment to be president by mindlessly spewing talking points that seem written by the fossil fuel industry instead of showing a commitment to our children’s health.”


Trump: Environmental Regulations Put The U.S. “At A Tremendous Disadvantage”; Energy Industry Has “So Many Regulations They Can’t Breathe.”
During an August 2016 interview, Trump had the following exchange with reporter Patricia Mazzei:

TRUMP: They have so many environmental regulations that you go to other countries, where they don’t have that, it puts us at a tremendous disadvantage.

MAZZEI: So those regulations that are in place here – are they necessary?

TRUMP: Well, not all of them, no. Not all regulations. If you look at what’s happening in the energy industry, if you look at what’s happening in certain industries, they’re being made to be noncompetitive. They’ve taken everything out of them. They have so many regulations that they can’t breathe. They have people who handle nothing but regulations. [Miami Herald, 8/11/16]

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