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LCV Statement on Trump’s Speech at Abingdon Rally

Aug 10, 2016

Washington, DC – In response to Trump’s speech today at his rally in Abingdon, VA, where he discussed his position on coal jobs and accepted an award from the Virginia Coal and Energy Alliance, LCV National Campaigns Director Clay Schroers issued the following statement:

“If this rambling, incoherent speech is evidence of anything, it’s that Trump doesn’t understand the first thing about energy policy.  As strange as it sounded, Trump was actually right when he said  we live on “a small planet compared to the universe”—but that’s exactly why we can’t afford to keep spewing dirty coal pollution into the air. His lack of understanding of energy markets and total denial of the costs to public health are vintage Trump—looking for short-term and short-sighted personal gain while hoping someone else will clean up the mess he leaves behind. This is not a sound approach to our critical energy infrastructure as we seek to meet the challenge of climate change and build a clean energy economy. He completely lacks the character, temperament and knowledge to be president – even on issues he claims to care about.


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