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LCV Victory Fund & EDF Action Launch Ad Campaigns Totaling $1 Million in WI Senate Race

Jul 25, 2016

TV, digital advertising highlight Sen. Johnson’s climate denialism, support from Big Oil polluters

Milwaukee, WI – Today, LCV Victory Fund and EDF Action launched TV and digital ad programs totaling $1 million detailing Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson’s support from Big Oil polluters and stubborn climate denialism. These announcements come shortly after LCV named Sen. Ron Johnson to its signature Dirty Dozen list in June. LCV Victory Fund’s ad, “Where,” contrasts the broad agreement that climate change is real and caused primarily by human activity with Johnson’s outright denial of basic science and support from oil companies.

“NASA, the Department of Defense and ninety-seven percent of scientists agree – climate change is real,” states the voiceover. “So where can you find climate change science deniers? At oil companies. And Senator Ron Johnson’s office.”

The ad then quotes Sen. Johnson, “I absolutely do not believe in the science of man-caused climate change.”

“Oil companies gave Johnson over three hundred thousand in contributions,” continues the voiceover. “Johnson supports their agenda. We pay the price.”

You can view the LCV Victory Fund TV ad “Where” here, with script and backup here. You can view the digital ad, “Strong,” here, with script and backup here.

The TV campaigns will start on Monday, July 25, and run for four weeks. The ads will run on broadcast and cable for 2100 GRPs in the Milwaukee and Madison media markets. Targeted pre-roll and social media digital ads in will accompany the TV campaign in the Milwaukee area.

In the last few weeks, LCV and EDF Action have also announced a TV ad campaign in the Pennsylvania Senate race targeting Sen. Pat Toomey.

In 2014, LCV, LCV Victory Fund, and state LCVs invested a record total of over $30 million in elections — by far the most that LCV has ever spent. Federal races accounted for over $19 million of total spending, while LCV and state LCVs combined to spend over $10 million on state elections.


Paid for by the LCV Victory Fund,, and EDF Action,, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.