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New Ads: Constituents need to know Lawmakers’ votes on clean water

Members of Congress praised for their votes, while Senator Sinema called out for not protecting our most precious resources
Jun 9, 2023

Washington, D.C.: Today, the League of Conservation Voters is releasing new ads praising Members of Congress for voting to support clean water protections while calling out Senator Kyrsten Sinema’s vote to eliminate them. Earlier this year, Congress voted on H.J. Res. 27, a Congressional Review Act joint resolution to block the Biden-Harris administration’s Clean Water Restoration Rule, aka “Waters of the United States” rule, which aimed to clarify jurisdiction of the Clean Water Act. This dangerous legislation would have severely weakened the Clean Water Act by revoking important protections for critical waters and allowing unregulated pollution and destruction of everything from small streams to rivers to wetlands. Fortunately, the bill was vetoed by President Biden, and an attempt at overriding the veto failed. 

Ads thanking Members of Congress are running on digital and social channels in the following regions: Senator Mark Kelly (AZ), and Representatives Gallego (AZ-03), Lee (PA-12), Slotkin (MI-07), Spanberger (VA-07), Stansbury (NM-01), and Sykes (OH-34).

“These leaders stood up to protect our most precious resources,” said LCV Deputy Legislative Director Madeleine Foote. “They deserve thanks for putting people ahead of big polluters. We know how important clean water is to everything we love and rely on in our communities. ”

New ad: Arizonans Know calling out Senator Sinema’s vote will run on digital channels throughout Arizona and call on Arizonans to demand Sinema protect our waters. 

Arizonans know

Arizonans know, clean water is precious.

But when polluters wanted to dump more waste in our waterways, Senator Krysten Sinema voted to let them do it.

Tell Senator Sinema to protect water, not polluters.

“Senator Sinema’s vote puts Big Polluter profits ahead of the health of our families and communities,” said LCV Deputy Legislative Director Madeleine Foote. “We must remind her that Arizonans care about the clean water they depend on for drinking, recreating, fueling local economies, and providing habitat for wildlife. Too many communities in Arizona, including tribal communities, low-wealth communities, and communities of color, already lack access to clean water without Senator Sinema trying to rollback federal water safeguards. It’s time for Senator Sinema to stand up for the people she serves and make clean water for all a priority.”