Pennsylvania Court ruling on RGGI demands response from Governor Shapiro

Nov 6, 2023

LCV’s Vice President for State Policy and Advocacy Bill Holland responds to the Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth Court ruling on the state’s participation in the  Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI):

“Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth Court ruling would do great damage to the environment and economy of the Commonwealth should it stand. Ten states already participate in RGGI, bringing in billions of dollars for investments in clean energy and energy efficiency and significantly reducing pollution making it one of the nation’s most successful climate measures. Thankfully this lower court ruling is far from the last word. The state Supreme Court already has litigation focused on RGGI before it. LCV calls on the Shapiro Administration to appeal this ruling to protect the billions of dollars in RGGI funds that can be invested in clean energy jobs and coal communities, benefiting countless Pennsylvanians. We urge Gov. Shapiro to affirm his leadership on climate and environmental protection by immediately appealing this decision. Pennsylvanians deserve clean air and clean water in fact the state’s constitution guarantees it. Governor Shapiro has run throughout his career as a clean energy leader and we are confident he will live up to that promise.”