Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know if I’m an LCV member?
    We consider anyone who has donated $5 or more or has taken one of our actions (such as signing a petition) in the past 21 months a member. Please note that membership does not require the payment of any fees or dues, and our members are not obligated to attend events, take actions, or make donations.
  • I’m a member of an LCV state affiliate. Does that make me a member of LCV as well?
    LCV and all state affiliates are separate organizations, so we don’t share members. Becoming a member of a state LCV does not mean you are becoming a member of national LCV, and vice versa. Of course, you may join both and be a member of both at the same time if you’d like! 
  • Is LCV partisan?
    Some may misread our name as the League of Conservative Voters, but LCV is non-partisan. We fight for pro-environment policy and action, and you can read more about us and view our mission statement here:
  • When I sign a petition, why do I have to include a “title”? Isn’t that a little outdated?
    Good question! LCV requires titles such as Mr., Ms., and Dr. because the government officials or members of Congress we are petitioning require it. In order to ensure that our petitions get delivered through email or through other digital means, we try our best to gather all of the required information, which includes Mr., Ms., etc.
  • Why do I have to give so much personal information when signing your petitions?
    We understand the inconvenience of sharing your personal information when taking an online action. Nevertheless, most congressional offices require this information – including phone numbers – and without it, your comment cannot be submitted. In order to ensure that our petitions are delivered to members of Congress and your voice is heard, we try our best to gather all of the required information, which includes addresses, zip codes, phone numbers, and email.
    For comments sent to federal agencies, political appointees, and private citizens, limited information is typically required. If you’re uncomfortable submitting personal information, we understand and hope that you will still consider taking other actions when they arise.
  • I live outside the United States. Can I still sign your petition?
    Because LCV focuses its efforts in the United States, we are only able to accept petition signatures from people living in the U.S. 
  • If LCV is an environmental organization why are you talking about race?
    Racial justice and equity are core values of LCV and integral to our work. To advance environmental priorities, LCV is committed to increasing political participation and elevating the voice and power of communities of color in environmental decision making. From our work against voter suppression to the grassroots community organizing with people of color in our Chispa program, we believe that community participation and leadership are the foundation of our democracy. 
  • How can I find my donation history online?
    Unfortunately, we don’t currently have an online system for you to view your donation history. However, if you email, we would be happy to gather that information for you and send it via email. We appreciate your patience! 
  • How do I update my credit card number for my monthly gift?
    Update your credit card number or monthly gift amount by clicking here.
  • Are donations to LCV tax-deductible?
    Contributions to the League of Conservation Voters, Inc., a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization, are not tax-deductible. Contributions to LCV Victory Fund, a political committee registered with the Federal Election Commission, are also not tax-deductible.
    Contributions to LCV Education Fund, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, are tax deductible for federal income tax purposes.
  • Can I donate by mail?
    If you would like to donate by mail, please send a check addressed to League of Conservation Voters to:
    740 15th Street NW, 7th Floor
    Washington, DC 20005
  • How can I update my contact information?
    Update your contact information here.
  • How do I cancel my monthly gift?
    You can cancel your recurring donation at any time at our self-service portal here or by contacting us at with your full name, billing address, and the amount of your donation. You may also call 202-785-8683 between 9am and 6pm (ET) and ask for our membership department.
  • What is LCV’s refund policy?
    We are able to refund a donation within 30 days of payment. To inquire about receiving a refund, please call 202-785-8683 or email us at

Other questions? Please call 202-785-8683 and ask for our membership department or email us at