Candidate for House Representative


Portrait of Jared Moskowitz

Jared Moskowitz is a longtime environmental champion who has taken bold action on climate as a Florida state representative.

Moskowitz worked as an intern for Vice President Al Gore and was one of President Barack Obama’s electors at the 2008 Democratic National Convention. As an elected member of the Parkland City Commission, he worked to make the city more environmentally conscious, providing subsidies to households that purchased energy efficient appliances and fuel efficient cars. Moskowitz was elected to Florida’s state legislature in 2012, where he introduced numerous pro-environmental bills ranging from coral reef protection to preventing animal cruelty to stormwater management. Moskowitz was later appointed as director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management, where he focused on recovery after Hurricane Michael and is credited with speeding up the recovery and securing much needed federal funding. Moskowitz also led the department throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and the early distribution of the vaccine.

As a representative, Moskowitz will fight for bold policies to tackle the climate crisis, accelerate an equitable transition to a clean energy future, protect the Everglades, and make Florida’s communities more resilient against climate-fueled disasters.

Moskowitz joins the U.S. House to fill the seat of retiring Representative Ted Deutch, who earned a 92% lifetime score on LCV’s National Environmental Scorecard.

In his own words:

“We’re living through a climate crisis that threatens our way of life, and we must act quickly to mitigate its effects. Investing in environmental protection isn’t just a long-term plan towards clean air, clean water, and sustainability, it’s also a way to reinvigorate the economy and create jobs in our community.”
– Jared Moskowitz for Congress