Candidate for House Representative


Rep. Valerie Foushee

Valerie Foushee is a mother, grandmother, former state senator and longtime environmental champion in North Carolina.

Foushee has been a champion for the environment and for environmental justice throughout her time on the Orange County Commission and in the state Senate, earning a 96% lifetime score from North Carolina LCV. In the legislature, she introduced legislation to achieve 100% clean energy by 2050, advance clean energy tax credits and promote energy efficiency. She also introduced legislation to protect clean water, mitigate PFAS pollution, protect children from pollution from garbage trucks, and make polluters pay. She is a strong leader in the fight to protect our democracy, having introduced legislation on automatic voter registration and independent redistricting. As an Orange County commissioner, she pushed the Commission to oppose extending and expanding a landfill that had been polluting a low-income, maojrity-Black community in the county for four decades, helping to improve the health and safety of her constituents.

As a representative, Foushee will continue her advocacy for climate action, creating good-paying clean energy jobs and advancing environmental justice.

Foushee joins the U.S. House to fill the seat of retiring Representative David Price, who earned a 92% lifetime score on LCV’s National Environmental Scorecard.

In her own words:

“As a mother and grandmother, I am deeply concerned about the planet that we’re leaving for future generations. Conservation and climate action is something I’ve always championed in the state legislature. In Congress, I will continue to prioritize environmental issues and be a champion that you can trust.”
– LCVAF Press Release