Chispa Nevada – Spring 2019

May 1, 2019

Chispa Nevada participated in Nevada Conservation Lobby Day where over 150 people advocated for community solar, renewable portfolio standards (RPS) and electric vehicles. The Nevada team brought 20 volunteers to Carson City and worked with Senator Brooks and Senator Spearman to introduce SB 299, a proposed bill that would pay Nevada school districts up to 75% of the cost to buy an electric bus or to install infrastructure for electric buses.


Chispa NV Program Director Rudy Zamora introduced SB 299, where he detailed the merits of funding an electric school bus pilot program. “Our kids deserve a ride to school free of diesel toxins. We support investments in a #cleanride4kids. Thanks to everyone who is helping make this possible! Nuestros niños merecen aire limpio.” The bill passed the senate and is now on it’s way for a vote in the state assembly. Stay tuned as this develops! 


To commemorate Black History Month, Senior Organizer Katherine Lorenzo penned a blog titled, “Unapologetically AfroLatina.” She dives into how she came to appreciate identifying as both Latina and Black and how she’s actively working towards creating more spaces for Afro-Latinxs in the Conservation Voter Movement.