LCV Statement on House Committee Passage of Energy & Water FY19 Appropriations Bill

May 16, 2018


Washington, D.C. – Following the House Appropriations Committee vote to repeal the Clean Water Rule as part of its FY2019 Energy and Water Development funding bill, the League of Conservation Voters released the following statement from Legislative Representative Madeleine Foote:

“Members of the House Appropriations Committee today had the opportunity to show they will stand up for clean water for all our communities – but instead, a majority proved they only care about profits for big polluters. By pushing a rider to repeal the Clean Water Rule, harmful cuts to clean energy programs, and other dangerous riders, Republicans on the committee demonstrated that they will vote to expose our families to unsafe drinking water and undermine our environmental protections every single time.

“Everyone should take note of who voted against clean water today, and whether it’s this bill or the House’s Interior and Environment bill, we will continue to fight these irresponsible attempts to strip safeguards for the drinking water of 117 million people and cuts to the investments in the clean energy future we need and deserve.”