LCV Statement on EPA Launching EPA Roadmap to Combat PFAS Pollution

Oct 18, 2021

Mika Hyer,, 940-783-2230

Washington, D.C. — In response to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) release of their PFAS Strategic Roadmap, the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) released the following statement from Deputy Legislative Director Madeleine Foote:

“The steps outlined in EPA’s new PFAS Roadmap are an important start to addressing the toxic PFAS contamination that has impacted the health of communities across the country for too long. We’ve known for decades that PFAS pose significant dangers to our health, and yet, our government has been slow in acting to eliminate PFAS from our food, water, air, and lands. We applaud Administrator Regan and the EPA for their comprehensive approach, especially their commitment to listening to and taking action to address PFAS pollution in low wealth communities and communities of color who are disproportionately exposed to toxic pollution. 

“As the administration looks to implement an all-of-government approach to tackling the growing PFAS crisis, we urge the EPA, and branches of government like the Department of Defense, Food & Drug Administration, and Federal Aviation Administration who have so far failed to take sufficient action, to move as swiftly as possible to finally deliver the protections our communities need and go even further to eliminate the use of these dangerous chemicals and hold polluters accountable for the damage they’ve caused.”