LCV Statement Urging Chris Wallace to Ask About Climate Change at Tonight’s Debate

Oct 19, 2016

Contact: Seth Stein, (202) 454-4573 or

Washington, DC: Looking ahead to the final debate in the 2016 presidential election tonight, LCV National Campaigns Director Clay Schroers issued the following statement:

“This is it – the last opportunity for the debate moderators to ask the candidates about climate change, a global problem that is already having devastating impacts at home and abroad. The approach to this crisis represents one of the starkest contrasts between the candidates, with Hillary looking to build upon President Obama’s climate legacy and invest in a clean energy economy, while Donald Trump resorts to outright denialism couched in absurd, fact-free statements. The stakes are simply too high to ignore this problem. We are calling on Chris Wallace to do a service to the American people and ask the candidates for their plans to meet this generational crisis tonight.”

As part of a broad coalition, LCV gathered 150,000 signatures urging the debate moderators to ask the candidates for their plans to deal with climate change. In addition, before the first debate LCV released this memo outlining why this issue is so critical for the moderators to address.


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