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Thank You to All LCV Storytellers

Dec 20, 2019

From LCV's Storytelling Team

Over the past year, people across our movement have shared their deeply personal understandings of why our Earth is worth fighting for, and we at LCV are endlessly grateful for their leadership and willingness to share what makes this fight so personal for them.

When we lift up our voices, we can spark change.  When we share our stories, we can build an even stronger movement to protect our planet.

We’ve heard from an artist, a poet, a professional athlete, a musician, a beekeeper and a sailor.  People all across the country — in states including Texas, Nevada, New Hampshire, California, Maryland, New Jersey, Iowa, North Carolina — have painted vivid pictures of the environmental challenges and opportunities they face.

So, LCV’s storytelling team is sending a heartfelt thank you to everyone who shared their story with us this year. We are honored to have such dedicated people as a part of our community, and we can’t say it enough: None of our work to advance racial justice and equity, protect clean air and water, and fight against climate change would be possible without all of the people who power our movement.