Maryland League of Conservation Voters personnel and partners gather behind a podium as Kim Coble (Maryland LCV Executive Director) speaks
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Building Power In The States

Our 30+ state affiliate organizations build power in the states to fight for clean energy, climate action, and a stronger democracy. These state affiliates and our national organization together form the Conservation Voters Movement. This network closely collaborates and shares expertise and resources in order to create positive change at all levels of government, from local to state to federal. Visit the websites of our affiliates to learn more about local efforts near you.

“The power of the Conservation Voters Movement – of this network of over 30 state organizations and a national organization – is that the sum of our parts is greater than the whole. Collectively, our network is at the forefront of advocating for climate action, environmental safeguards, and a stronger democracy – from the state house to the White House. We’re collaborating together at all levels of government to fight for cleaner air, safer water, and a more just and equitable future for all.”

Lisa Wozniak

Executive Director, Michigan League of Conservation Voters

“The absolute devastation wrought by Hurricane Ian is a profound and sad example that the climate crisis is here. We are truly living in a climate emergency; however, Floridians cannot adapt our way out of this problem. We need state leaders to prioritize a just transition away from dirty fossil fuels and foster the clean energy future we deserve. Nothing less than the future livability of our state is at stake.”

Bethzaida Olivera

Climate And Clean Energy Policy Advocate, Florida Conservation Voters

“We can’t wait: Georgia needs a just transition to clean, affordable energy that will leave our state better for generations to come. While our work at the Capitol is far from easy, it’s clear that there’s bipartisan support for removing barriers to renewable energy. I was proud to work alongside Georgia Conservation Voters this session on bills that would create jobs, protect Georgians from unfair utility charges, and allow low-income residents the opportunity to benefit from rooftop solar. I look forward to getting back to work on these important issues next year!”

State Representative Becky Evans

Georgia House Of Representatives, House District 83

Latest in the States

May 9, 2024
President Biden’s New LNG Exports Pause is a Huge Win: Here’s Why

President Biden paused approvals of new liquefied methane gas export projects in the U.S. earlier this year, triggering backlash from MAGA extremists in Congress and from the oil and gas industry. Here's why this pause is a huge win for people and the planet, offering the opportunity to assess the true environmental, health, and economic costs of LNG exports.

May 9, 2024
Overhead view of a huge industrial facility on the Gulf of Mexico shore, with two tanker ships in the harbor.
People Power
Mar 28, 2024
Climate-Smart Agriculture: How the Women of Hanna Ranch Carry on the Family Legacy of Sustainability

Maggie Hanna and her family are dedicated to carrying on a legacy of conservation and sustainability on their ranch in rural Colorado, but funding for programs that make it possible are at risk as Congress negotiates the Farm Bill.

Mar 28, 2024
Maggie hugs her mom Ann in front of a cattle trailer.
People Power
Mar 20, 2024
“Trust Yourself and Your Intuition” as a Leader, Says Vermont State Rep. Esme Cole

After her first year serving in the Vermont state legislature and attending LCV's governance training program, Esme Cole shares her thoughts on the importance of relationship-building, staying true to your values, and other reflections on her experience.

Mar 20, 2024
Group of 14 people bundled in coats, posing on the snowy steps of the Vermont state capitol building in Montpelier.
People Power
Feb 26, 2024
Climate-Smart Agriculture: How One Urban Farmer Feeds and Builds a Community While Coping with Climate Change

As a farmer in Charlotte, NC, Cherie Jzar works to feed her community and build a network of growers while coping with the impacts of climate change. She is adopting climate-smart agriculture practices with the help of USDA conservation programs – which are now in jeopardy as Congress negotiates the Farm Bill.

Feb 26, 2024
Cherie picks tomatoes on the farm.
Good Climate News
Feb 26, 2024
Good Climate News this Week: Federal Funding for Clean Water, Environmental Legislation in Maryland and New Mexico, and More!

Every Monday, we round up five of the best good climate news stories we're celebrating. This week we cover federal funding for clean water, new power installations shifting away from fossil fuels, Chicago’s lawsuit against Big Oil, and environmental legislation in Maryland and New Mexico.

Feb 26, 2024
Pueblo style building in New Mexico.
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