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LCV’s work is vast, diverse, and covers a plethora of different issues vital to the environmental movement. Our mission is to turn environmental values into national, state and local priorities. LCV, as part of the Conservation Voter Movement along with our state LCV partners, advocates for sound environmental laws and policies, holds elected officials accountable for their votes and actions, and elects pro-environment candidates who will champion our priority issues. This is a massive undertaking.

To accomplish our goals, we need supporters willing to become leaders in the fight against those who want to reverse our progress and double down on the dirty energy policies that are hurting our air, water, and economy. This is where you, and the Environmental Majority Council, come in.

The Environmental Majority Council was created to honor and recognize the investment of LCV’s most committed members. Members of the Environmental Majority Council are those dedicated supporters whose single gift of $1,000 or more per year helps ensure the success of our programs. Together, we turn environmental values into national priorities and are leading the fight to win the politics of climate change. With the partnership of the Environmental Majority Council, LCV advocates for sound environmental policies, holds elected officials accountable, and elects pro-environment leaders at every level of the political process.