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La LCV de California y el LCV Action Fund Endosa al Congresista Pete Aguilar para Reelecció

Mar 7, 2016

Contact: Hannah Blatt, (202) 454-4554 or hannah_blatt@lcv.org

WASHINGTON, DC—The California League of Conservation Voters (CLCV) and the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) Action Fund announced today their endorsement of Pete Aguilar for Congress (CA-31). Aguilar is committed to combating climate change, protecting the waterways we rely upon for safe drinking water, expanding low-carbon transportation alternatives, and transitioning our nation to clean energy.

“We are thrilled to once again support Congressman Aguilar, a powerful new voice in Congress for addressing the climate crisis,” said LCV Action Fund President Gene Karpinski.  “From day one, Aguilar has taken the strong leadership he demonstrated at the local level to Congress, consistently speaking out for climate action and standing up his constituents’ health and for our environment.”

“Throughout his tenure in public service, Congressman Aguilar has always been a leader for our state and our environment,” said California League of Conservation Voters CEO Sarah Rose. “Whether it was leading the adoption of a sustainability plan as Redlands Mayor or supporting San Bernardino County’s passenger rail line as a Congressman, he has championed a cleaner, healthier future for all Californians.”

“Every community has the right to breathe in fresh air and drink clean water,” said Aguilar. “I have and will continue to promote sound policies that reduce our carbon footprint and expand renewable energy industries in the Inland Empire. I remain committed to working with our partners in the environmental community to preserve and improve our environment for generations to come.”

In Congress, Aguilar has consistently voted against attacks on the EPA’s Clean Power Plan, the single largest step our country has taken to combat climate change.  He has also co-sponsored two important bills to protect clean water, the Water in the 21st Century Act and the Drought Recovery and Resiliency Act, and worked to strengthen environmental protections for communities affected by fracking.

The sustainability plan adopted during Aguilar’s tenure as Mayor of Redlands included measures that would promote energy efficiency, increase the use of renewable energy, implement sustainable urban planning, and build mass transit.

In 2014, LCV named Aguilar’s opponent, Paul Chabot to its trademark Dirty Dozen program, which targets candidates — regardless of party affiliation — who consistently side against the environment and are running in races in which LCV has a serious chance to affect the outcome. Last election cycle, LCV defeated 7 of the 12 Dirty Dozen candidates.  In addition, LCV Victory Fund and Latino Victory Project partnered to turnout 20,000 voters to support Aguilar in the 2014 election.

Aguilar earned an impressive 94 percent score on LCV’s 2015 National Environmental Scorecard, his first year in office. The non-partisan Scorecard is the nationally accepted yardstick used to rate members of Congress on environmental and energy issues. Based on key environmental votes in the House and Senate, it is often used by the media to quickly describe a Member’s record. For more information, visit https://scorecard.lcv.org.

Aguilar is featured on LCV Action Fund’s GiveGreen website, the only bundling website devoted exclusively to raising money for environmental champions for federal office.


Paid for by the League of Conservation Voters Action Fund and authorized by Pete Aguilar for Congress.