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LCV Anuncia Campaña de TV en Español que Exige Cuentas al Sen. Flake por su Voto a Favor de Pruitt

Feb 22, 2017

$580,000 campaign targets Sens. Heller and Flake

Phoenix, AZ — Today, the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) announced a Spanish language TV and radio ad campaign holding Sen. Jeff Flake accountable for his vote in favor of Scott Pruitt for EPA Administrator last week. The ad buy is part of a larger campaign targeting Sens. Flake and Dean Heller for a total of $580,000 across Nevada and Arizona.

The ad will run on Spanish language TV and radio networks in the Phoenix and Tucson media markets starting today through the end of the month. You can view the Spanish language TV ad here, with script and backup available here.

“Ten percent of the children in Arizona suffer from asthma,” reads the TV ad voiceover, in Spanish. “Senator Jeff Flake’s vote to put Scott Pruitt in charge of the EPA will only make things worse. Pruitt has helped raise over $3 million from America’s biggest polluters. What did Pruitt do? Sue the EPA fourteen times. Pruitt even tried to overturn rules that would prevent up to 850,000 asthma attacks. Call Senator Jeff Flake and tell him to stand up to polluters. Our children are counting on our support.”

“Sen. Flake has done a serious disservice to his constituents by supporting Big Polluters’ closest ally, Scott Pruitt for EPA Administrator,” said Arizona-based Jennifer Allen, League of Conservation Voters SVP for Community and Civic Engagement. “By supporting his nomination, Sen. Flake has given Pruitt a pass to begin his assault on the clean air and water safeguards that protect the health of Arizona’s families and those across the nation. We’re ready to show just how dangerous Sen. Flake’s vote for Pruitt was to the people of Arizona.”

LCV has strongly opposed Pruitt’s nomination, and took the unusual step of informing Senators that we will score their vote on his nomination in a letter released to the Senate in January. In addition, LCV members have made more than 30,000 calls and our petition against Pruitt garnered approximately 150,000 signatures and counting.

Last month LCV also launched a $50,000 digital ad campaign against Pruitt’s nomination. The ad highlights Pruitt’s “pay to play” approach to politics, like the thousands of dollars Big Polluters have contributed to him, and his urging the EPA not to look into the dangers of fracking. LCV has also released a memo, “EPA Administrator Nominee Scott Pruitt: Climate Denier and Fossil Fuel Industry Shill,” which can be found online here.