LCV’s 2023 Capital Dinner

LCV and our members came together at our annual dinner on June 14 to celebrate our historic wins for climate justice and the leaders in DC and in our states who made it happen.

LCV's Best Year Ever: A Decade in the Making and More to Come

2022 was our best year ever for climate progress. LCV helped pass the affordable clean energy plan — our country’s largest climate investment in history.

This success for people and the planet was more than ten years in the making. We built political power, activated grassroots power, invested in state power, and deepened our relationships with leaders to fight for a shared vision.

And this is just the start. Together, we will continue to fight for a more just democracy and to ensure the affordable clean energy plan is delivered in an equitable way.

Thank You, Madam Speaker!

Over Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi’s career, she has done more for climate and democracy than any other speaker in history. LCV honored Pelosi with a lifetime achievement award at the 2023 Capital Dinner – and for her years of dedicated service, we say, “Thank you, Madam Speaker.”

Conservation Minnesota: John Hunting Winning for the Environment Award

This year, Conservation Minnesota helped enact a historic 100% clean energy bill — Minnesota is now on the path to have 100% carbon-free energy by 2040.

It’s a big deal. But it didn’t happen overnight. Conservation Minnesota has executed a strategic effort to move the public and urge elected leaders to act on climate change — and they were ultimately successful in passing the legislation we need to protect our environment.

At LCV’s Capital Dinner, Conservation Minnesota was awarded the John Hunting Winning for the Environment Award. Congratulations Conservation Minnesota!