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CLCV to 2020 Presidential Candidates: Welcome to California, Land of Climate Crisis and Solutions for a Path Forward

Dec 19, 2019

Jen Molina,, 213-537-6324

In advance of tonight’s sixth Democratic debate in Los Angeles, the California League of Conservation Voters (CLCV) put out the following statement.


LOS ANGELES – Today, Mary Creasman Chief Executive Officer of the California League of Conservation Voters (CLCV) issued the following statement ahead of the PBS NewsHour/POLITICO Democratic debate urging Presidential Candidate to address the climate crisis:

“When California voters are facing rolling blackouts, smog and the ever-present threat of more droughts there’s no other option than to have bold climate action as the top priority. Early voting is two months away, tonight’s debate should be used to highlight bold visionary solutions to act on climate. The Presidential Candidates will be standing between Malibu, which experienced firsthand the deadly effects of wildfires and the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach, whose neighboring communities are negatively affected daily by some of the worst pollution in the country. Climate change is a public health, economic and foreign policy issue – candidates shouldn’t wait to be asked to weave in their policy positions for our future, period.”

The California League of Conservation Voter is a power-player in California politics, in 2018 alone CLCV was involved in over 100 state and federal races. Heading into 2020, CLCV will re-vamp its efforts to educate voters and electing environmental champions. In a UC Berkeley poll conducted in late November, 85% of likely voters in California’s Democratic primary said climate change was a top priority, and 47% said climate change should be the leading priority of the next president – higher than any other issue.