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Clean Energy Hypocrisy Report

Every single Republican voted against the IRA. Now, some are taking credit for projects it funded.
Nov 3, 2023

Jessie Cohen

Washington, D.C. – This week, the League of Conservation Voters released a comprehensive report detailing 12 Republicans in Congress who have supported clean energy funding from the Inflation Reduction Act in their home district despite voting against the bill. Since its passage in August 2022, House Republicans have voted over 27 times to repeal provisions of the IRA, including as recently as last week when they passed a FY24 Energy and Water Development appropriations bill that slashes billions of dollars from critical energy and water investments in the IRA.

At the same time they are voting to slash funding and repeal provisions of the bill in D.C., at home, many Republicans are taking credit for the investment and jobs the legislation is bringing to their district.

LCV has compiled a comprehensive list of every Republican who voted against the passage of the IRA in 2022 and who have continued to vote against the legislation, but have also publicly celebrated and attempted to take credit for IRA-funded projects in their districts. The culprits include Representatives Andy Biggs (AZ-05), Buddy Carter (GA-01), Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA-14), Clay Higgins (LA-03), Richard Hudson (NC-09), Bob Latta (OH-05), Nancy Mace (SC-01), Russell Fry (SC-07), Ralph Norman (SC-O5), William Timmons (SC-04), Mark Green (TN-07), and Carol Miller (WV-01). 

See the full report here. 

“The stunning hypocrisy from these Representatives showcases the fact that their unwavering allegiance to Big Oil is in conflict with what is actually beneficial to their district; on the one hand, they want to be seen as bringing jobs and investments to their district but on the other, they have to appease their fossil fuel donors,” said LCV Senior Government Affairs Advocate David Shadburn. “We must hold Republicans in Congress accountable for their votes putting polluters over people and lying to their constituents about their role in trying to block legislation that has brought jobs and investment to their districts.”

Highlights include: