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Climate Groups React to Lombardo Withdrawal from U.S. Climate Alliance

Jul 13, 2023

Las Vegas, NV – Today, Governor Lombardo withdrew Nevada from the bipartisan U.S. Climate Alliance, a coalition of more than two dozen governors committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Lombardo is the only governor elected last year to withdraw their state from the alliance. Just last week, Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs became the Alliance’s newest member. The alliance aims to advance policies to reach the climate goals outlined in the Paris Agreement. These goals include a target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by more than half by 2030. This action is more important than ever as Nevada and the nation face yet another record-breaking increase in summer temperatures and other extreme weather events. By withdrawing Nevada from the Climate Alliance, Lombardo is ceding Nevada’s leadership on clean energy and climate, while aligning himself with extremist Governors Youngkin of Virginia and Gianforte of Montana.

Climate groups working in Nevada and across the country released the following statements:

“We are outraged by Governor Lombardo’s nonsensical withdrawal of Nevada from the U.S. Climate Alliance. He took this action without consulting everyday Nevadans, advocacy groups, or leaders within the environmental community, and it contradicts his own administration’s goals of economic diversification through clean energy,” said Nevada Conservation League’s Executive Director, Paul Selberg. “The actions and goals outlined through the Climate Alliance are critical to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and staving off the worst impacts of the climate crisis. While Nevada is being hit hard with record temperatures and soaring energy bills, Lombardo is putting utilities and their profits first. This is a step backwards and undermines the voices of Nevadans who consistently support clean energy and climate action.” 

“Governor Lombardo’s decision to withdraw Nevada from the U.S. Climate Alliance is putting the health of Latine families at risk,” said Chispa National Director Estefany Carrasco-Gonzalez. “We are already experiencing the worst impacts of climate change, including the heat wave right now that’s making it unbearable to work or spend time outdoors. Climate change is worsening air and water pollution, increasing lung and heart diseases, and raising the costs of basic necessities. Our community needs a governor who will prioritize the wellbeing of our environment and the futures of our children, and our children’s children. We have been let down by Governor Lombardo’s lack of leadership.”

“While communities across the country are choked with wildfire smoke, recovering from massive floods, and suffering under unprecedented heat waves it is unconscionable for Governor Lombardo to pull back from his responsibility to address the climate crisis,” said Lashelle Johnson, State Equity Policy Director, League of Conservation Voters. “Real leaders are embracing the billions in investments and millions of new jobs that are pouring into states to build the clean energy economy. Governor Lombardo just told Nevadans he’s on the side of his big oil donors, not the communities he serves.”

“As the driest state in the nation with two of the fastest warming cities, Nevada’s elected officials should be doubling down on addressing the climate crisis. Lombardo’s decision to withdraw from the US Climate Alliance is taking our state backwards, when we should be the leaders in sustainability.” said Laura Martin, Executive Director of Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada. “After failing to pass any substantial protections against the climate crisis during session, this decision is yet another signal from Lombardo that he is willing to turn his back to Nevadans, in favor of corporations and fossil fuels. Clean air and water is critical to ensure current and future generations of Nevadans can thrive.”

“The Governor’s decision to leave the U.S. Climate Alliance and abdicate the state’s commitment to cut greenhouse gas pollution in line with what is necessary to avoid the worst impacts of climate change is disappointing, and is particularly poignant as the U.S. and the world face record-setting heat, floods, and other climate-fueled disasters,” said Alex DeGolia, Director, State Legislative and Regulatory Affairs at Environmental Defense Fund. It also reaffirms the necessity that governors who support a safer climate future have to lead their states in establishing mandatory climate targets in law that include a timeline for regulatory action to achieve emission reduction targets. Without enforceable limits on pollution, states like Nevada will continue to be prone to steps backwards, like the one the Governor has taken today.” 

“We are disgusted to see that Governor Lombardo has pulled Nevada out of the U.S. Climate Alliance. This coalition is made up of 25 governors who believe in the danger of growing greenhouse gas emissions. We are seeing record temperatures across the country and significant flooding all caused by climate change and rising emissions. Lombardo’s reckless move will further endanger the planet and our communities,” said Battle Born Progress’ Interim Executive Director, Shelbie Swartz, “We need leadership that recognizes the need for major changes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Through federal policies, supported by Nevada’s delegation, like the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the Inflation Reduction Act we are seeing funding for states to move to clean energy sources and reduce emissions. However, we need leadership within our state that takes this issue seriously. Governor Lombardo’s decision shows that he does not take reducing greenhouse gas emissions seriously which is a problem as we are seeing the evidence of climate change within our weather patterns and major weather events each year.” 

“Governor Joe Lombardo’s decision to withdraw Nevada from the U.S. Climate Alliance is deeply concerning, politically unpopular, and counterproductive in the face of the urgent climate crisis. By pulling out of this coalition committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Governor Lombardo is sending the wrong message and undermining the global efforts to combat climate change,” said Heather Hargreaves, Deputy Executive Director, Campaigns with Climate Power. “Nevada has been a leader in clean energy, and voters overwhelmingly support commonsense climate initiatives. Governor Lombardo’s decision aims to roll back progress  and undermines Nevada’s role in the clean energy economy.” 

This withdrawal follows a harmful executive order issued by Governor Lombardo earlier this year. The proposal’s emphasis on methane gas systems marked a step back from Nevada’s ambitious climate goals and will enrich the pockets of Nevada utilities while driving up costs for hardworking families already suffering from skyrocketing energy bills.