GiveGreen Donations Grow to $20 Million Raised to Elect Climate Champions in 2024

Pro-Environment Political Donations Rise Amid Extremist MAGA Attacks on Clean Energy
Nov 29, 2023

WASHINGTON (November 29, 2023) – Environmental- and climate-minded political donors are giving to pro-environment candidates at a record pace this year. Today, NRDC Action Votes and LCV Victory Fund announced more than $20 million contributed via the GiveGreen platform so far for the 2024 political cycle. That number far outpaces GiveGreen’s 2020 cycle performance when just under $6 million had been raised a year before the election.

The increase in donations comes amid growing attacks on clean energy and environmental safeguards by Donald Trump and his competitors in the Republican presidential primaries, some of whom have referred to the “climate agenda” as a “hoax.” All the major Republican candidates in the race have vowed to abandon President Biden’s signature climate and environmental justice achievements, including ending tax breaks that have sparked a clean energy manufacturing boom and created hundreds of thousands of jobs across America.

“The growing number of political donors using GiveGreen understand that being fully engaged in this election is the only way we’ll stop the fossil fuel lobby from taking full control of Washington,” said Kevin S. Curtis, NRDC Action Votes executive director. “Big Oil is desperate to reverse the enormous progress our country is making on clean energy under President Biden and install leaders who will do their bidding. We can’t afford another administration that puts fossil fuel lobbyists in charge of the EPA and other agencies that are supposed to protect people, not reward polluters.”

“Donors across the country have made it clear that we must elect and reelect pro-environment, pro-democracy leaders who will put people over Big Polluters and other special interests,” said LCV Victory Fund President Gene Karpinski. “Hitting this major milestone on the heels of the hottest summer on record and in the face of relentless MAGA Republican attacks on clean energy progress shows real momentum to elect and reelect more climate and democracy leaders up and down the ballot in 2024.” is an online platform for environmental donors across the country to build power in the environmental movement by supporting climate champions for state and federal office. GiveGreen United Action was established through a collaboration between LCV Victory Fund and NRDC Action Votes, two of the environmental movement’s leading and most influential organizations.

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