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GiveGreen Raises Record-Breaking $35 Million in Donations this Election Cycle with Six Weeks To Go

Sep 23, 2020

Courtnee Connnon, 727-744-4163,

Washington, D.C. – Today, LCV Victory Fund, NRDC Action Fund PAC, and NextGen America announced that they have raised over $35 million for federal and state candidates through GiveGreen so far in this election cycle. 

During the 2016 election cycle, the groups raised a total of $8.35 million for federal and state races and $23 million in the 2018 cycle through GiveGreen. With six weeks to go until the 2020 November general election, GiveGreen has already outraised the 2016 total by more than $26.5 million and the 2018 total by $12 million.

Approximately half of this total, $17 million, has been raised in support of the Biden-Harris campaign via GiveGreen, including $15 million by Climate Leaders for Biden. 

“As we watch the wildfires rage in the West and hurricanes crash into the Southeast, killing people and destroying communities, no one can ignore the devastating impacts of the climate crisis and yet, Donald Trump calls it a hoax,” said  LCV Victory Fund President Gene Karpinski. “We need climate leaders who will take action, not climate deniers who ignore facts and science. Combatting the climate crisis has never been more urgent, and voters clearly understand that the best way to end the destruction caused by the Trump administration is to build power for climate action. GiveGreen lets voters know who will be ready to fight for climate action on day one, and it lets candidates know climate is a top priority. ” 

“Securing a better, healthier future for all Americans requires leaders who will tell us the truth, respect science and act for the common good rather than their own narrow interests. Donald Trump and his allies in Congress have failed us, so we are determined to beat them in November,” said Gina McCarthy, president and CEO of the NRDC Action Fund. “GiveGreen donors understand we can rebuild our country, strengthen communities and grow jobs by acting on the climate crisis and ending environmental injustice everywhere – if we all vote.” 

“From devastating climate fires to torrential hurricanes, we are living the climate crisis in real time,” said NextGen America founder Tom Steyer. “The stakes of this election couldn’t be higher, and the need for climate champions up and down the ballot couldn’t be greater. People know that we need bold, urgent climate action and leadership, and we are seeing the proof of that excitement and commitment from climate voters in these fundraising numbers. It’s unprecedented, but we are in unprecedented times.” 

The GiveGreen platform offers donors a strategic vision for supporting candidates who will take real action on climate change and other environmental priorities, and for making lasting change in our political system. It works to make supporting climate champions as convenient and impactful as possible.  

Since its inception in 2009, GiveGreen has raised more than $75 million and 72% of candidates supported through the program have won. 


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