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#GreenStorm Shows Strong Environmental Support for Clinton, Senate Candidates

Sep 16, 2016

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WASHINGTON, D.C.– With a historic Election Day quickly approaching, the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) Action Fund and the NRDC Action Fund PAC along with our allies raised a record breaking $537,226 in a historic effort to support environmental champions in key races across the country, through a 48-hour online fundraising campaign called #GreenStorm. In 2014, LCV Action Fund and NRDC Action Fund PAC launched the inaugural #GreenStorm to bring a wide range of supporters together to raise over $400,000 for four U.S. Senate candidates. This year’s #Greenstorm featured five candidates: Hillary Clinton, Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NV), Katie McGinty (D-PA), Deborah Ross (D-NC) and Ted Strickland (D-OH).

Through #GreenStorm, LCV Action Fund and NRDC Action Fund PAC raised over $537,226 to-date, with an average contribution of $47.00 to these five candidates and others in close races. All of them have all taken on dirty polluters in order to make progress on climate change and safeguard our health by protecting the air we breathe and the water we drink. We know they will work tirelessly to protect the planet for generations to come.

Over 30 elected officials and groups participated in GreenStorm by sending emails or sharing on social media supporting these environmental champions who will make tackling climate change a top priority.

Barbra Streisand wrote: “This is not a time for people like you and me to stand back and hope for the best. This is our moment to fight for the planet, and the people and communities we care about. It’s our time to protect the progress we’ve made, and defeat dangerous ideologues like Donald Trump.”

Senator Harry Reid wrote: “If we don’t stick together, we’ll get crushed by massive campaign spending from big polluters. That’s why today, we’re joining forces with organizations and grassroots donors like you to battle for candidates who are fighting for, not against, our health and environment.”

“The tremendous response to GreenStorm is proof that Americans are deeply concerned about what a Trump victory will mean for our environment and public health, and they’re right to worry,” said NRDC Action Fund PAC President Rhea Suh. “Hillary Clinton and our pro-environment Senate candidates will stop Trump’s planned assault on our environmental laws. They’ll fight for a clean-energy future and a stable climate. That’s why we’re going to do all we can to make sure they win on November 8.”

“We are thrilled that #GreenStorm was such a huge success,” said LCV Action Fund President Gene Karpinski. “It’s clear that environmentalists are going all out to help put Hillary Clinton in the White House and build a pro-environment majority in the Senate. The stakes couldn’t be higher for our planet, and people across the county stepped up in just 48 hours to help these candidates win on Election Day.”

#GreenStorm donations were raised through GiveGreen, a project of LCV Action Fund supported by NRDC Action Fund PAC.

During the 2014 election cycle, GiveGreen raised or contributed more than $5.8 million to pro-environment candidates, up from $2 million in the 2012 cycle.


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