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LCV Action Fund Endorses Three Environmental Champions Running for Re-Election in Connecticut

Oct 3, 2016

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WASHINGTON, DC—The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) Action Fund, which works to elect candidates who will implement sound environmental policies, announced its endorsement of three candidates running for re-election in Connecticut: Senator Richard Blumenthal, Congressman Jim Himes (CT-04) and Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty (CT-05).  Blumenthal, Esty and Himes have led efforts to enhance our country’s renewable energy production and consistently stand up for Connecticuters’ health and wellbeing.

“Senator Blumenthal, Congressman Himes and Congresswoman Esty are the type of solution-oriented leaders we need fighting the climate crisis in Congress,” said LCV Action Fund President Gene Karpinski. “These Connecticut lawmakers have top-notch environmental records; they’ve earned our admiration and respect for their robust and pro-active approach to ensuring all Americans have healthy places to work, play, and live.”

“I am proud to accept the endorsement of the League of Conservation Action Fund and to have earned their support. We share a commitment to protecting our environment, to take on the big polluters and the big oil companies, to encourage alternative energy sources, confront climate change, and to keep our air and water safe for this generation and those to follow,” said Senator Blumenthal.

“I am honored to have earned the endorsement of the League of Conservation Voters Action Fund,” said Esty. The LCV is an indispensable ally in our shared mission to protect the environment and fuel our economy through cleaner renewable energy. As the impact of climate change poses increasingly severe risks, our commitment to conservation is more important than ever to sustain a healthy environment and vibrant economy. As a lifelong hiker and outdoors enthusiast, I’m passionate about preserving Connecticut’s land and water. I’ve also seen how environmental restoration can spur economic growth and community revitalization. That’s why I’ve worked so hard to protect natural resources like the Farmington River and expand incentives to clean up brownfields and invest in clean energy. Connecticut’s future is brighter because of progress we’ve made in these areas. However, we cannot rest while a misguided majority in Congress remain committed to denying science and opposing commonsense investments in conservation. With the LCV’s support, I will continue to fight for the environment, for clean energy, and for a sustainable future every day that I am in office.”

“I am extremely grateful to have earned the endorsement of the League of Conservation Voters Action Fund,” said Himes. “The LCV’s work in protecting our environment and moving us to a cleaner, greener world is invaluable and its leadership to elect and support legislators who share these goals has made a difference in all of our lives. As an amateur shell fisherman whose daughters grew up playing on the Long Island Sound, I know the importance of wild spaces and the value of healthy ecosystems. I am committed to continue protecting our environment, working to move our country away from fossil fuels, and leaving a better, healthier planet for our children.”

Background Information

Senator Blumenthal has a long history serving Connecticut and our country, ranging from his military service in the U.S. Marine Corps to his time as attorney general of Connecticut to holding office in Connecticut’s House of Representatives and state Senate.  Over his nearly six years in the U.S. Senate, Blumenthal has earned a 96 percent lifetime score on LCV’s National Environmental Scorecard, and he has displayed immense leadership for the environment.  A member of the Senate Climate Action Task Force, Blumenthal introduced legislation that would close tax loopholes for oil companies and expand opportunities for investment in renewable energy, he secured funding for renewable energy research in Connecticut, and he has called for increased preparedness for climate change-driven extreme weather, like Superstorm Sandy.

As a member of the Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition (SEEC), Congressman Himes has been a strong voice for the environment, earning a 94 percent lifetime score on LCV’s National Environmental Scorecard. He is an advocate of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan and speaks out against attacks on bedrock environmental laws. Himes introduced legislation to establish a federal green bank that would encourage the development of clean energy and multiple bills to promote energy efficiency in housing, including advancing affordable housing projects within the Department of Housing and Urban Development. After Superstorm Sandy, Himes worked to secure funding to improve the resiliency of the Connecticut coastline. Himes has also secured funding to clean up hazardous waste sites and improve water quality in Connecticut and has supported conservation of the Long Island Sound.

Before Connecticut’s 5th District elected Congresswoman Esty to the U.S. House of Representatives, she was a member of the Cheshire Town Council and served a term in the Connecticut House of Representatives. Since being elected to Congress in 2012, Esty has earned a 98 percent lifetime score on LCV’s National Environmental Scorecard, which is complemented by her long list of environmental initiatives in Congress.  Esty has introduced bills to provide tax incentives for brownfield remediation and to designate over 60 miles of the Farmington River as a Wild and Scenic River.  She also co-authored the Green Bank Act to help finance clean energy and energy efficiency projects across the country.

The non-partisan Scorecard is the nationally accepted yardstick used to rate members of Congress on environmental and clean energy issues. Based on key environmental votes in the House and Senate, it is often used by the media to quickly describe a Member’s record. For more information, visit

Blumenthal, Himes and Esty are both featured on LCV Action Fund’s GiveGreen website, the only bundling website devoted exclusively to raising money for environmental champions for federal office.

About LCV Action Fund

The League of Conservation Voters Action Fund (LCVAF), the connected federal political action committee (PAC) of the League of Conservation Voters, works to elect candidates who will implement sound environmental laws and policies, and defeat those who stand in the way of progress. Since the 1994 election cycle, LCVAF has helped elect and re-elect 69 U.S. Senators and 306 members of the U.S. House of Representatives.  In the 2013-2014 election cycle, LCVAF endorsed over 70 candidates and raised and donated almost $6 million dollars via GiveGreen. Over the last several years, our efforts have also helped elevate climate change and clean energy as critical issues in key elections.


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