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LCV Announces 6-Figure Ad Campaign for Strong Car and Truck Standards 

Oct 20, 2023

Ads will highlight both Members fighting for, and blocking cleaner vehicles

Washington, D.C. — Today, the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) announced a $200,000 digital ad campaign to both celebrate members of the U.S. House working to protect strong cleaner cars and trucks standards and hold other House members accountable for their recent votes blocking progress and cleaner vehicles. The first round of static ads supporting cleaner vehicle champions started on October 5th and will run through the end of the month, and the second round of ads highlighting five members blocking progress towards cleaner vehicles started yesterday and will run until later next week in-district on programmatic platforms including: YouTube, connected TVs and streaming devices.

The first set of static ads, already running in the following districts, thank members fighting for cleaner cars and trucks led by their recent votes on September 14, 2023 (H.R.1435) to protect state’s rights to set strong cleaner cars and trucks standards, in addition to joining letters to the Biden-Harris administration to encourage strong federal limits on emissions from cars and trucks:

  • MI-06 (Rep. Debbie Dingell) 
  • NJ-06 (Ranking Member Frank Pallone)
  • New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District  (Rep. Andy Kim)
  • OH-13 (Rep. Emilia Sykes)
  • NC-04 (Rep. Valerie Foushee)
  • NY-14 (Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez)
  • IL-09 (Rep. Jan Schakowsky)
  • OR-06 (Rep. Andrea Salinas)
  • GA-04 (Rep. Hank Johnson) 
  • PA-12 (Rep. Summer Lee)
  • CA-49 (Rep. Mike Levin)

STATIC AD: Thank You, Summer Lee (PA-12)

New digital video ads on platforms including YouTube, connected TV and streaming devices launched yesterday in the following districts to hold members accountable for their votes on September 14, 2023 (H.R.1435) banning states from setting stronger limits on pollution from cars and trucks:

  • CA-21 (Rep. Jim Costa)
  • CA-45 (Rep. Michelle Steel)
  • CA-27 (Rep. Mark Garcia)
  • AZ-01 (Rep. David Schweikert)
  • NY-22 (Rep. Brandon Williams)

WATCH: Our Future Brandon Williams (NY-22) 

Go back.
Or move forward. 

Congressman Brandon Williams just voted to stop progress in its tracks.
Voting to block tighter pollution standards for vehicles.
Banning states like ours from leading the transition to cleaner electric cars and trucks.

He voted to double down on dirty fossil fuels that pollute our air.
Hurt our health.
And fuel devastating climate change.

Stop voting to block progress.
Because it’s our climate. Our health.
Our future at stake. 

“The pollution from cars and trucks that run on oil harms communities and cuts short the lives of people across our country, especially in communities of color and communities of low wealth,” said Vice President of Federal Policy Matthew Davis. “The only ones who benefit from dirtier cars and trucks are the Big Oil executives lining their pockets with the profits. Electric cars and trucks deliver cleaner air for our communities and save families money, while helping drive forward our manufacturing jobs and our clean energy future. Extremist MAGA House Republicans and their polluter-abetting cronies are trying to block progress on cleaner vehicles, but fortunately dozens of House members are speaking out and pushing back. We urge members to keep fighting for strong cleaner cars and trucks standards, which will mean cleaner air and lower costs for communities across the country.”