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LCV Announces Launch of 2020 GreenRoots Program in Record Number of States with $1.3 Million Investment

Sep 9, 2020

Courtnee Connon, 727-744-4163,

Washington D.C. –  Today, LCV, which works to elect pro-environment candidates, announced the launch of its 2020 GreenRoots member mobilization program with 55 days left until Election Day. 

“We’ve seen all too clearly what happens when we have an anti-science president and Senate majority in charge during the crises of the last several months, and it’s never been more important that we elect leaders who will build back better for a more just and equitable future,” said LCV Senior Vice President of Government Affairs Tiernan Sittenfeld. “LCV is thrilled to launch our 2020 GreenRoots program to mobilize our members to take action for climate and environmental justice champions up and down the ballot. We have 55 days left — let’s make the most of them.”

Since 2012, LCV has mobilized members through its GreenRoots program to help elect pro-environment candidates endorsed by LCV Action Fund. Thousands of LCV members have knocked on doors, made phone calls, waved signs and rallied in green t-shirts to help elect environmental champions. 

This year, the program will look different as a result of the public health pandemic, but we know our members are excited to do safe and virtual voter outreach. The GreenRoots program has adapted, putting its $1.3 million budget behind recruiting and training 75 program staff, who organize members in 15 states — the largest number in the GreenRoots program’s history — calling, texting, and engaging with members through online events.

“Voter outreach might look different this year, but it’s more important than ever that LCV members are in the fight to put climate and environmental justice leaders in office by contacting and educating voters,” said LCV Acting National Organizing Director Jennessa Agnew. “Our members are energized and ready to do what it takes to help elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, flip the Senate, and expand the pro-environment majority in the House.”

“The climate crisis is the defining challenge of our time, and we must do more to protect our planet for future generations. I deeply appreciate the support from LCV and its members and look forward to working with them to restore American leadership on clean energy and the climate crisis,” said Representative Mike Levin. “We need more leaders in Congress who will take bold action on climate, protect the health of our communities, and fight for our democracy — but we need all the help we can get to elect them and keep them in Congress. LCV’s GreenRoots program helped make a real difference in my race in 2018 and I know it will again in 2020.”

GreenRoots will focus on Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin, with our members volunteering in additional states and races as well. 

The 2020 election is our last, best chance to address the climate crisis, and as evidenced by recent polling, climate action is an issue that sways undecided voters and motivates turnout from young people and people of color. We will continue elevating the issue of climate change and mobilizing LCV members, supporters and voters to help ensure we have climate leaders up and down the ballot. GiveGreen — a partnership between LCV Action Fund, NextGen America and the NRDC Action Fund PAC that helps grassroots donors directly contribute to pro-environment candidates — has already raised a record $31.9 million for the 2020 cycle, showing the real momentum behind climate and environmental justice champions.


Paid for by the League of Conservation Voters Action Fund and authorized by Mike Levin for Congress.