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LCV, Climate Power Launch Ads Against House Members who voted for Default on America Act

Apr 27, 2023

Washington D.C. — In response to yesterday’s U.S. House vote to advance Congressional Republicans’ extreme debt limit proposal, the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) and Climate Power launched a second wave of ads in their seven-figure campaign highlighting the consequences of yesterday’s radical debt default vote. This round of ads targets several House members who voted for the extreme House Default on America Act. The district-specific ads build on the previously released national ad. Each ad highlights specific job-creating clean energy projects in the representatives’ districts that could be at risk if the MAGA House Republican agenda became law.

WATCH: Disappear – Marc Molinaro (NY-19)*

The ads will run in the following House districts:

  • Mark Amodei (NV-02)
  • Juan Ciscomani (AZ-06)
  • Marc Molinaro (NY-19)
  • Nancy Mace (SC-01)
  • Brandon Williams (NY-22)

“Constituents need to know that their Representatives are willing to risk tanking the economy and taking away economic opportunities in their very own district – all to score points for MAGA extremists and Big Oil,” said Pete Maysmith, Senior Vice President for Campaigns at League of Conservation Voters. “These ads shine a spotlight on the real-world consequences that will be felt by people in these members of Congress’s districts. These members should not be playing politics when the stakes for these communities, the economy, and the climate crisis are so high. ”

“Yesterday’s passage of MAGA House Republicans’ Default on America Act proves once again that Congressional Republicans will stop at nothing to serve the interests of Big Oil and polluters,” said Lori Lodes, Executive Director of Climate Power. “MAGA House Republicans are playing politics with our economy and are willing to crash the clean energy boom that is happening all across the country. People deserve to know why their members of Congress voted to kill good-paying clean energy jobs in their districts.”

Disappear: Marc Molinaro (NY-19)


Here in Ulster County, a new clean energy battery plant is opening – creating 500 local, good-paying jobs.

It’s huge for this region.

But jobs like these may soon disappear – because our Congressman, Marc Molinaro, voted to repeal the new landmark investments in clean energy jobs. 

Molinaro voted with MAGA extremists in Washington instead of doing what’s right for his own District. Let’s remind Marc Molinaro – you represent us, not the MAGA extremists, and we support clean energy jobs.

Yesterday, LCV and Climate Power announced the start of this seven-figure ad buy with a national ad. The groups also held a press conference with clean energy businesses and members of the House and Senate about the catastrophic impacts of the Republicans’ debt-default bill on clean energy jobs and projects–many of which are in Republican districts. Earlier this week, Climate Power released a new report that shows the Inflation Reduction Act and President Biden’s climate plan helped create over 77,000 new jobs in districts represented by Republicans who overwhelmingly voted to repeal the clean energy tax credits.

*the remaining ads will launch in the next few days