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LCV Education Fund Marks National Voter Registration Day, Expands State-based Voter Registration Program

Sep 28, 2021

Contact: Emily Samsel,, 828-713-9647

Washington, D.C. — The League of Conservation Voters Education Fund (LCVEF) is highlighting National Voter Registration Day with a number of activities. LCVEF is encouraging people around the country to celebrate democracy on September 28 by registering to vote via email mobilization, social media, and other in person and online organizing efforts across the country. LCVEF voting resources are linked here.

“We’re excited to be part of a national effort to strengthen our democracy by registering voters on this year’s National Voter Registration Day,” said Hilda Nucete, Director of Civic Engagement for League of Conservation Voters Education Fund. “National Voter Registration Day is a celebration of our democracy and the right of every eligible voter to participate in elections. We know that our communities have been historically disenfranchised and today is a great day to ensure everyone eligible gets registered.”

LCVEF underscored the need to support ongoing voter registration work by announcing that in conjunction with state partners, it will pursue nonpartisan voter registrations programs in more than eight states across the country in 2022, including Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin.  This will expand upon existing voter registration programs in place in 2021 in Nevada, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

Voter registration organizers, volunteers, and partners in these states will have conversations engaging thousands of community members in person and online in a massive campaign aiming to register 750,000 new voters who haven’t yet registered or need to update their registrations due to a recent move, name change, turning 18, naturalization, or other reason by the end of 2024. The program will operate in 22 offices with close to 400 staff across the country when fully scaled up.

“Our teams across the country have been working since 2010 to eliminate barriers to voting by fighting for a democracy rooted in racial justice and equity through mobilizing young people and Black, Indigenous, Immigrant and People of Color to participate in the democratic process due to the large voter registration gap and disenfranchising laws in these states,” said Nucete. “We have registered over 1.5 million people to vote since our program began and over the next year we aim to register an additional 300,000 voters.”

According to a Brennan Center analysis, 70.9 percent of white voters cast ballots in 2020 compared with only 58.4 percent of nonwhite voters.

“We know that communities disproportionately impacted by environmental injustice are the same communities that have been historically oppressed at the voting booth — these are disparities that will only worsen with new restrictive voting laws,” Nucete said.

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