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LCV, House Majority Forward Launch Six-figure Ad Buy Against House Members Who Voted for Polluters Over People Act

Mar 30, 2023

Washington, D.C. – Today, the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) and House Majority Forward (HMF) launched a six-figure ad campaign targeting seven House Members in California and New York who voted for the Polluters Over People Act, which anti-environment Republican leadership designated H.R. 1.  

WATCH: “Helped Them Do It”

The new ads that will run on streaming services like Hulu, Roku TV, Direct TV, and Sling in the following House districts:

  • CA-27 (Rep. Mike Garcia)
  • CA-40 (Rep. Young Kim)
  • CA-41 (Rep. Ken Calvert)
  • CA-45 (Rep. Michelle Steel)
  • CA-48 (Rep. Darrell Issa)
  • NY-3 (Rep. George Santos)
  • NY-4 (Rep. Anthony D’Esposito)

“These members’ votes show they are beholden to extreme MAGA leadership in the House and their oil and gas donors; they are completely out of step with their California and New York constituents who clearly rejected a pro-pollution, pro-oil agenda,” said LCV Senior Vice President of Campaigns Pete Maysmith. “This harmful and backward-looking package of bills is a huge giveaway to polluters that locks us into new fossil fuel production that will exacerbate the climate crisis, increase costs, worsen environmental injustice, and increase toxic pollution that threatens our health.”

“The new majority in Congress continues to push sky-high prices at the gas pump, while allowing corporations to rake in enormous profits,” said House Majority Forward Executive Director Abby Curran Horrell. “Americans must make their voices heard loud and clear to this extreme majority and tell them to stop protecting big oil.”

The ads call for constituents of these House members to contact their members and tell them to stop protecting Big Oil profits. 

H.R. 1 benefits polluters in the oil, gas, chemical, and mining sectors at the expense of working people and families. The MAGA-controlled Republican House decided to make this giveaway to the big oil companies their #1 bill in the new Congress. The legislation would lock the United States into harmful fossil fuel production for decades despite the IPCC’s recent warnings of climate catastrophe. Particularly detrimental pieces of the bill would speed up the build out of destructive oil and gas infrastructure like pipelines while stripping away the ability for communities to have meaningful input. And it will take away clean energy rebates and investments that would lower costs for families by making it more affordable for them to increase the energy efficiency of their homes and appliances.

The full script for the CA-41 version of the ad is below.

Helped Them Do It” (Ken Calvert, CA-41)

MAGA extremists have taken over the Republican party
And Ken Calvert just voted to pass their extreme agenda
Bill one: a free pass for Big Oil to rake in bigger profits
While they charge you sky-high prices at the pump
Production of affordable clean energy gets slowed down
Pollution in our air and water goes up
It’s the agenda of MAGA extremists
It means big profits for oil companies
Big price hikes for you
And Ken Calvert is 100 percent on board

TEXT ON SCREEN: Call Ken Calvert: Tell Him to Stop Protecting Big Oil Profits (202) 224-3121

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