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LCV Launches Ad Campaign in Cleveland to Support Clean Energy Investments in the American Jobs Plan

May 26, 2021

Nick Abraham,, 206-833-7021 Spencer Dirrig,, 614-353-2150

Cleveland, OH — Tomorrow, during President Biden’s visit to Cleveland at Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C), the League of Conservation Voters will launch a $40,000 ad campaign in and around the city as well as an art activation in the city’s Bicentennial Park. 

The campaign will include 14 billboards, 23 mass transit kiosks, as well as targeted digital ads throughout the city highlighting benefits for Ohioans and driving support for a recovery package that focuses on climate, clean energy, high-quality union jobs, and environmental justice.

Art Activation 

What: Local artist Lori Hughes will be creating a chalk art activation to welcome President Biden to the city and call on him to pass the American Jobs Plan and focus on clean energy, good paying jobs, and justice for Ohioians. 

When: 8:00AM Artist on site, piece completed by 2:00PM, suggested 1:00 PM for Artist in action
Where: North Coast Cleveland Script Sign,

Voinovich Bicentennial Park: E 9th Street Pier, Cleveland, OH 44114

“From clean energy to clean water, there are many critical infrastructure choices facing communities across the Buckeye State,” said Heather Taylor-Miesle, President of the Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund. “Ohioans overwhelmingly support congressional action on climate change as well as sustainable investments that create jobs. President Biden’s American Jobs Plan will bolster our economy, protect our environment, and fight for climate justice—all while supporting healthier and more resilient communities. We’re thrilled to welcome President Biden to Cleveland and urge Ohio’s congressional delegation to take action to advance the plan.” 

In a recent Data for Progress poll, Ohio voters overwhelmingly support (77%) investments in clean energy jobs through the American Jobs Plan. Support is also extremely high for key provisions like removing all lead water pipes (82%). Last month, 70 different Ohio elected officials joined over 1,200 state and local elected leaders across the country to sign a letter calling on Congress to seize “a once-in-a-generation opportunity to help our communities recover by creating and sustaining millions of good paying jobs, putting us on the path to 100% clean energy. and building a more equitable and just society.”

The campaign will focus on ensuring climate action is a top priority as Congress and the White House negotiate on an infrastructure and economic recovery package. Ads will highlight how vital clean energy jobs are to the nation’s recovery, including transformational investments and policies to:

  • Set our country on a path to 100% clean energy by 2035
  • Ensure that at least 40% of all investments are directed to communities most affected by climate change, pollution and racial injustice, as well as workers transitioning from the fossil fuel industry
  • Create high-paying, union jobs and support communities impacted by the shift away from fossil fuels
  • Replace all lead water infrastructure to ensure every community has clean water
  • Invest in electric vehicle manufacturing and charging infrastructure
  • Weatherize millions of homes and businesses
  • Modernize the nation’s electric grid

Ads will target communities following each visit to remind residents of President Biden’s commitment to invest in clean energy jobs and our opportunity to tackle climate change with the American Jobs Plan.