LCV Launches Digital Campaign in Ohio to Support Clean Energy Investments during Biden CNN townhall

Jul 21, 2021

Cincinnati, OH — Today, President Biden will join CNN for a national townhall focused on his administration’s progress over his first six months. Alongside his visit, the League of Conservation Voters launched a digital ad campaign in Ohio targeting Cincinnati and surrounding communities to support a recovery package that focuses on climate, clean energy, high-quality union jobs, and environmental justice.

Earlier this year, 71 different Ohio elected officials joined over 1200 state and local officials across the country to sign a letter calling on Congress to seize “a once-in-a-generation opportunity to help our communities recover by creating and sustaining millions of good paying jobs, putting us on the path to 100% clean energy. and building a more equitable and just society.”

The campaign will focus on ensuring climate action is a top priority as Congress and the White House negotiate on an infrastructure and economic recovery package. The ads are part of a broader effort to  highlight how vital clean energy jobs are to the nation’s recovery, including transformational investments and policies to:

  • Set our country on a path to 100% clean energy by 2035
  • Ensure that at least 40% of all investments are directed to communities most affected by climate change, pollution and racial injustice, as well as workers transitioning from the fossil fuel industry
  • Create high-paying, union jobs and support communities impacted by the shift away from fossil fuels
  • Replacing all lead water infrastructure to ensure every community has clean water
  • Investing in electric vehicle manufacturing and charging infrastructure
  • Weatherize millions of homes and businesses
  • Modernize the nation’s electric grid