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LCV: McConnell, Senate GOP Must End Trump Shutdown

Jan 3, 2019

Contact: Holly Burke, 202-454-4554,

Washington, D.C. – With the new House majority poised to vote for a funding package to reopen the government, the League of Conservation Voters released the following statement from President Gene Karpinski:


“Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats are demonstrating what real leadership looks like by acting to end the Trump Shutdown and rejecting his environmentally destructive and xenophobic border wall. Trump’s outrageous and childish antics are damaging our national parks and compromising the health of our communities while also taking away the paychecks of government workers and those whose livelihoods depend on a functioning government. Enough is enough: Senator McConnell must immediately put this legislative package on the Senate floor and finally stand up to a president who thinks our health and economic well-being are simply bargaining chips to use to promote his hateful immigration policies.”