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LCV Names Donald Trump to Signature ‘Dirty Dozen’ List

Jul 28, 2016

LCV President Gene Karpinski to announce Trump’s place during his remarks at the DNC

Philadelphia, PA – Today, from the stage at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, League of Conservation Voters (LCV) president Gene Karpinski will announce that Republican Presidential Nominee Donald J. Trump is being named to the LCV’s signature “Dirty Dozen” list for the 2016 cycle.

“The stakes could not be higher – climate change is happening now, and yet Donald Trump calls it – and I quote – ‘a hoax.’” Gene will say in his remarks later today. “And more than just deny it, his policies would make climate change worse. His energy ‘plan’ would mean more pollution in our air, more poison in our water, and more public lands stripped for private profit.  That may be good for the Koch Brothers and Big Oil. But Trump’s policies would be terrible for our families or our future. That’s why today we’re naming Donald Trump to our Dirty Dozen list – I can’t imagine anyone more deserving.”

Donald Trump is uniquely unqualified to be president, and uniquely qualified for the Dirty Dozen.  His views on climate and clean air and water protections are completely out of step with the American people. He has stated that:

  • The “concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese” to make the United States less competitive. He has also referred to climate change as “bullsh*t,” a hoax, and a money-making industry.
  • He would have skipped the international Paris climate summit, arguing that “there were more important things to do.” He recently added that he is “not a big fan” of the agreement, and that he would, “at a minimum,” renegotiate it.
  • He has repeatedly called for cutting the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA is charged with executing and enforcing the Clean Power Plan and the Clean Water Rule; if Trump eliminated funding the agency itself, both rules would effectively be nullified.

For 20 years, the Dirty Dozen has targeted candidates— regardless of party affiliation — who consistently side against the environment and are running in races in which LCV has a serious chance to affect the outcome. Last cycle, LCV defeated seven of the 12 Dirty Dozen candidates. In the last presidential year of 2012, LCV defeated 11 of 12.


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