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LCV on Efforts by the New Congress to Force Approval of the Dangerous Keystone XL Pipeline

Jan 6, 2014

WASHINGTON, DC – League of Conservation Voters (LCV) Senior Vice President of Government Affairs Tiernan Sittenfeld released this statement on efforts by the 114th Congress to force approval of the dangerous Keystone XL tar sands pipeline:    

“President Obama continues to show real climate leadership by pledging to veto attempts by Congress to circumvent the process and we’re more confident than ever that he will reject this dirty, dangerous pipeline once and for all. It’s unfortunate that Republican leaders are starting the new Congress with the same old dangerous attempts to force approval of Keystone XL instead of focusing on measures to actually create jobs and transition to a clean energy economy. This is a chance for members of Congress to decide whether they’ll protect our planet for future generations or side with polluters who want to double down on the dirtiest oil on the planet.”