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LCV Statement on Latest Stimulus Package

Mar 23, 2020

Contact: Emily Samsel,, 828-713-9647

Washington, D.C. — As lawmakers continue to negotiate a longer term economic stimulus package in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the League of Conservation Voters led a coalition letter to Congressional leadership Friday and issued the following statement from Senior Vice President of Government Affairs Tiernan Sittenfeld today:

“This economic stimulus package should not exacerbate two other ongoing crises: climate change and environmental injustice. Now is the time to support communities, especially the low-wealth communities and communities of color suffering the most from the coronavirus pandemic, the climate crisis, and toxic pollution — not bail out polluting industries and put our health at further risk.

“Specifically, LCV opposes all handouts to fossil fuel companies other than direct support to workers and opposes bailouts of polluting industries without locking in future emissions reductions. This stimulus should instead help workers keep their jobs, boost economic recovery and combat the climate crisis through support for clean energy industries and electric vehicles, funding for transit, clean drinking water, green infrastructure projects, and parks, trails and outdoors spaces. Critically, the stimulus must also provide adequate support for free and fair elections to take place, including at least $2 billion in funding for nationwide no-excuse voting-by-mail, expanded early voting, expanded voter registration, protections for polling locations, and voter education.” 

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