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LCV Statement on Amicus Brief from Members of Congress in Support of Clean Power Plan

Apr 1, 2016

Washington, DC: Today, more than 200 current and former members of Congress weighed in with the federal court in support of the EPA’s landmark Clean Power Plan.  In response, LCV’s Vice President of Government Affairs Sara Chieffo issued the following statement:

“This is a big statement. This brief, from a bipartisan group of legislators spanning 38 states, is a powerful reminder that the EPA’s actions to reduce the pollution fueling climate change are clearly consistent with the job Congress created the Clean Air Act to do.  The Clean Power Plan is a practical and common-sense solution advanced in the wake of two U.S. Supreme Court decisions that clearly affirm the EPA has both the authority and the responsibility to address climate change. These members of Congress join a growing and broad coalition of public health experts, faith leaders, cities, states, former EPA Administrators and others who are supporting the EPA’s efforts to work collaboratively with states and all stakeholders to reduce carbon pollution.”