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LCV Statement on Congressional LNG Hearings

Feb 6, 2024

Washington D.C. — In advance of this week’s upcoming House and Senate hearings on the Biden administration’s pause on new liquefied methane gas (LNG) exports, the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) released the following statement from Vice President of Government Affairs Sara Chieffo:

“We applaud the Biden administration’s pause on LNG exports because it is the right thing to do for consumers, our communities, and our environment. We know Big Polluters and their friends in Congress will continue to spread disinformation and outright lies this week to protect their bottom lines — at the expense of our health and our future. We urge Congress to listen to frontline communities, reject the harmful lies and wishlists of Big Polluters, and let the Biden administration do their job to analyze the harmful impacts of LNG exports.”

Last week’s announcement of LCV’s $2 million campaign includes an initial DC television buy, activity on the ground, and a significant digital campaign focused on combating disinformation by Big Polluters and getting the word out to young people.

A new analysis from Energy Innovation found that the pause will save U.S. consumers and businesses money on their energy bills and that completing these export projects could raise prices up to 14%. The pause to analyze the impacts of LNG exports is not a ban on LNG export facilities — those already permitted and under construction will continue to operate. This pause is about permits for future infrastructure that would not come online until 2030. Additionally, our European allies have explicitly stated their LNG needs are being met and many have supported the LNG export pause. For more information, see LCV’s LNG fact sheet