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Press Releases

LCV Statement on Flint House Oversight Committee Hearings

Mar 14, 2016

WASHINGTON, D.C. – This week, the Full House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform will host two hearings, on Tuesday and Thursday, about the ongoing lead-poisoning crisis in Flint, Michigan. Witnesses will include Flint’s former emergency manager and Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder. In anticipation of these hearings, LCV Legislative Representative Madeleine Foote issued the following statement:

“This week’s hearings on the Flint water crisis are an opportunity to shine a light on Governor Snyder and his administration’s string of poor decisions that jeopardized the drinking water of nearly 100,000 people and led to the poisoning of Flint’s children. The damages of lead poisoning can never be undone, but it is simply unacceptable that Congress still has not provided aid to help Flint’s families deal with the short-term and long-term impacts of this crisis. The situation in Flint is an incredibly unfortunate wake-up call that we have ignored investing in our infrastructure at our own peril, both in Flint and across the country, and that we must do more to protect our drinking water and ensure that no parent has to worry that the water coming from the tap is poisoning their family.”