Press Releases


Aug 9, 2017

Gene Karpinski, President, League of Conservation Voters

The League of Conservation Voters recently discovered that operatives associated with extreme right-wing groups used fake identities in order to meet with LCV staff and supporters–presumably in an effort to bait them into statements that could be doctored or taken out of context to undermine our work. It’s an all-too-familiar playbook from extremist individuals who will stop at nothing, and are willing to cross ethical and even legal lines, to damage reputable progressive organizations and prop up their false narratives.

We knew we couldn’t sit idly by once we discovered their infiltration, so LCV and California LCV have reported the facts as we know them to the Attorney General’s office in California, where the activity began, and we may seek other law enforcement avenues, as well as legal action against these individuals and others associated with this fraudulent activity.

It’s no surprise that, in the face of an administration rolling back progress on climate change and clean air and water, we’ve become a target. These fraudulent and apparently criminal activities are nothing more than a desperate attempt to deflect attention away from an increasingly unpopular and scandal-ridden president by any means necessary. These groups engaging in deceptive tactics, and pedaling manipulated material, have no credibility and no shame. They traffic in wild conspiracy theories online. Their motives are blatantly political and willfully dishonest, and their methods—including highly edited videos and recordings obtained under fraudulent circumstances—have been consistently criticized and the subject of numerous legal challenges.

The bottom line is this: We will not be intimidated by craven efforts to smear our work and distract from this administration’s real, dangerous attacks on voting rights and the planet. We will not let deceitful individuals disparage the people and issues we advocate for every day. The League of Conservation Voters has over 2 million members, and we have been a leading voice for environmental protection for nearly 50 years. We’re proud of our work, our staff, our volunteers and our supporters.

We hope you stand with us as we continue to fight for clean air and water, for justice, and for a safer and healthier home for us all.