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LCV Victory Fund Announces $200K Digital Ad Against Mimi Walters

Oct 23, 2018

Alyssa Roberts, 202-454-4573,

Los Angeles, California — LCV Victory Fund today announced a $200,000 digital ad campaign in California’s 45th congressional district showing how Rep. Mimi Walters consistently sides with Donald Trump over her constituents. The ads will run on Facebook, Instagram and various video streaming services through Election Day.

WATCH: “Marching Orders”

“Where Donald Trump leads, Mimi Walters follows — even if it means sacrificing the health and wellbeing of her constituents,” said Pete Maysmith, LCV Victory Fund Senior Vice President for Campaigns. “Her record says it all: Walters has voted for practically every single one of Congress’ extreme environmental attacks since Trump took office. That’s at least 58 votes against our air, water, lands and public health.”

Walters has earned a dismal 4 percent lifetime score from the League of Conservation Voters, meaning she has voted for nearly all of the anti-environmental bills brought to the House floor. She is clearly out of step with her constituents and her state which has suffered from disastrous droughts and wildfires fueled by climate change, which earned her a spot on the 2018 Dirty Dozen.

Beyond her consistent anti-environmental votes, Walters co-signed a letter to Secretary Ryan Zinke expressing support and enthusiasm towards the Department of Interior’s offshore drilling program. Contrary to her membership in the Climate Solutions Caucus, Walters actually co-sponsored a bill that would have prohibited the EPA from regulating an array of greenhouse gases — such as methane and carbon dioxide — as pollutants under the Clean Air Act. Adding insult to injury, Walters has attempted to hide her anti-environmental record, going so far as signing onto a letter to California Governor Jerry Brown in August — while wildfires were raging across California — stating they were due in part to climate change and calling for action, despite repeatedly voting against climate action just earlier this summer.

LCV Victory Fund is running ads in several California districts, including CA-25, CA-48 and CA-49.

A script of the ad is below, and research back-up is available here.

“Marching Orders”

When Donald Trump sends out his marching orders, Congresswoman Walters follows — 99 percent of the time. Among the most in Congress.

Trump’s plan to open up waters off Orange County’s coast to offshore drilling, risking devastating oil spills? Walters is with Trump.

And Trump’s plan to allow corporations to spew more toxic pollution into our air? Walters is with Trump there too.

Congresswoman Walters is with Trump. Not us.



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